Questions? Call Us. (864)232-3333

Questions? Call Us. (864)232-3333

Kids Corner

Brushing your teeth is really important for a great smile, for chewing your food, and even for talking!

Beautiful, healthy teeth starts here!

Did you know there are a lot of fun things to do while brushing your teeth?

You could...

Play your favorite song while you brush. When the song is over, your teeth will be nice and clean!

Set a timer and brush with your family. (Make lots of silly faces at each other while you brush!)

Or make up your own game and let us know about it!

Just make sure you spend 2 whole minutes brushing your teeth. Get the top, get the bottom, get both sides, and get your tongue! Make sure to floss and swish, too!

Brushing Chart

Download one of these brushing charts, Fill it out, and don't forget to brush for two whole minutes! Dr. McNutt Brushing Chart Dr. McNutt Brushing Chart 3(Right Click and Choose Save As to download.)

How to take care of your teeth!

Download these brushing and flossing guides so that you can make sure you are brushing and flossing properly. Ask Mom or Dad for help if you need to! How to Brush Your Teeth- Pediatric Dentistry of Greenville How to Floss your Teeth- Pediatric Dentistry of Greenville

Quick Tip

Remember to brush after each sweet snack or soft drink since it only takes 10 minutes for the sugar to start working on the enamel of your teeth.

Play Time

After your visit with Dr.McNutt and his staff make sure to send us a picture of your visit. We love your pictures and you could win a gift card to a local play place!

You can play fun games here!

Do you like experiments? Here's a really cool experiment that shows you what happens when you don't brush your teeth.

Share Your Visit

Draw a picture showing your visit with Dr. McNutt! Once a month we will pick a random drawing to win a $20 gift card to a local play place ( Chuck E. Cheese, Giggle Bugs, Frankie's Fun Park, Gattitown, etc.).

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Schedule Your Appointment


Making an appointment, any time of the day or night, has never been easier. Simply fill out our Appointment Request form and one of our staff will call with your appointment. Keep in mind when filling out our form that we try to schedule little ones in the morning and older children in the afternoon. This cuts down on cranky, tired toddlers and we will work around older children's school schedule and school excuses will be given when neccassary.


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Q&A with Dr.McNutt

You have questions. We have answers! We know that in the moment, questions are forgotten. You don't have to wait till your next appointment! You don't have to wait till Office Hours. Besides the obvious benefit of asking a question as soon as you think of it, asking questions on the site allows us to share common questions and their answers with everyone!

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Dental Emergencies

Although very scary, dental emergencies in children are very common. It has been estimated that one out of every three children have a dental emergency and dental problems, such as decay and abscess are even more commonplace. Read More on Common Types of Pediatric Dental Emergencies and how you need to respond.

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Insurance and Financing


We strive to provide the highest quality of pediatric dental services. Our office has made a great effort to be In-Network with many insurances, which is beneficial to our patients. Our friendly staff will be able to assist you with all of your insurance matters and gladly file all forms for you. Please check our Insurance and Financing Page for further information. It will discuss forms of payment and list insurance companies with in which we are an In-Network provider.


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