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Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Accidents HappenWhat to do when your child has a dental emergency- Pediatric Dentistry of Greenville

Although very scary, dental emergencies in children are very common.
 It has been estimated that one out of every three children have a dental emergency and dental problems, such as decay and abscess are even more commonplace.

There are two key age groups to watch out for.

The first is toddlerhood, when exploration begins. The most common injuries can be prevented by baby proofing your home and making sure hard corners are properly covered.

The second age group is pre- teens and teenagers, when sports are being played. Custom fitted mouth guards are a great way to prevent an emergency. Ask us about them at your next appointment!

Our first reaction to a dental emergency with our children is often panic. Try to keep calm and seek help immediately. Timely response to Dental Emergencies is often the key to recovering your child’s dental health.

The most common Dental Emergencies and what you can do if they occur:


A toothache can be caused by a lot of different things such as food stuck between teeth, tooth decay, tooth fractures or other traumas, or even wisdom teeth eruption ( teenagers).

What to do:

First, check to make sure there is no food lodged between the teeth that you can easily remove. If this is not the problem, call us for an appointment. We can help decide if an emergency exists.  Have your child rinse the mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress if there is swelling. 

Injured Soft Tissue (Tongue, Lips or Cheek)

If there is bleeding due to a bite, apply firm and direct pressure using a soft cloth or medical gauze. If there is swelling, apply ice. If bleeding becomes uncontrolled, seek medical attention immediately.

Intruded Tooth Pushed Into Gingiva (gums)

A trauma to the mouth sometimes forces a tooth into the gums. This can cause injury to the tooth’s ligament or fracture the socket. It is important to seek immediate Dental Care. Call us, then have the child rinse his or her mouth with cold water. Apply ice packs to reduce swelling. Give your child whatever pain reliever you would normally use for discomfort. (i.e Tylenol, Motrin, etc.)

Tooth Displacement

This can be a tooth that is partially dislodged or protruding at an unnatural angle. If the affected tooth is a permanent tooth, get your child to the dentist within 1 hour to save the tooth and prevent infection. If it is a primary tooth, we still recommend an immediate appointment. A cold, wet compress and pain reliever may help on the way to the dentist.

Avulsed Tooth (Knocked Out Tooth)

Time is of the essence on this one! Permanent Teeth that are re-implanted within one hour are almost always successful.

This is what you need to do:

Call us and let us know you are on the way. Find the tooth, but DO NOT touch it by the roots. Rinse off dirt and debris with only water and do not scrub it, any tissue needs to be left intact. For older children, insert the tooth back into the socket using gentle pressure. Don’t force it! If this is not possible, try to get the child to hold the tooth in his/ her cheek. For younger children, don’t attempt to put the tooth back in the socket as they may swallow it. Instead place the tooth in a glass of milk or water with a pinch of salt. Don’t let the tooth dry out on the way to the dentist.

Chipped, Broken or Fractured Tooth

Call us for advice, depending on the severity of the fracture, it may be important to have an immediate appointment.

How you can help your child:

Rinse the mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress for any swelling. Try to find any tooth fragments and bring them with you.

Blows to the Mouth, Face or Head

This is not only a dental, but also a medical emergency. Call us on the way to the ER. Severe blows to the head can be extremely dangerous, especially if consciousness was lost for ANY length of time, and must be checked by medical personnel.

If you have any kind of Dental or Medical emergency with your child, it is always best to err on the side of caution and have your child examined by appropriate medical and/or dental personnel.

If you have any questions about planning for Pediatric Dental Emergencies, please call our office and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you. (864)232-3333


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